Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spumoni and Sweet Little Ones

Guess what?
Philip said I don't have to cook dinner tonight! 
Way cool!!!!
We have left over chicken chimichangas and left over pizza in the refrigerator, so we'll still eat.
Normally he doesn't do left overs, but today I'm thankful for a night off of cooking. 

since I don't have to cook I have time to blog.
Not always priority, but always fun to sit down for a little while ;)

We've all been well around the Kebodeaux parts. 
I've recently cleaned the kids rooms out and dusted the walls and cleaned the base boards and all of that stuff.
I noticed while dusting Addie's picture frames that a picture of Gideon and a picture of her were side by side and then I noticed how identical they look!
On the left is Gideon @ 4 months and on the right is Adeline @ 2 months. I just love how their little lips and noses are so much alike. 
Yea the heat index was 115 today. It's been sooo hot! So over these last summer weeks we've been finding it hard to resist the frozen summer treats. 
Adeline's favorite is Spumoni ice cream, Philip's favorite is blackberry cobbler ice cream, and well I like my mocha frappecino. Yumm!

Lets see, what else has been going on? Oh I've been making fun of Philip for having no idea about spelling our son's name. Nice Dad! ;) 
Speaking of Gideon... I squeeze them all the time, and bite them... MM!
Our girl is a Daddy's girl. Sometimes I like to just sit back in the background and just listen to them talk and love on each other. It's really the sweetest thing ever. I don't even mind that she prefers him over me. I really love it. I think a Daddy is so precious to his little girl, and I love that Philip is so good to ours. He's even requested more ;)
But for now my hands are full of this baby :) and he makes my heart so happy. Yesterday I had a fever and horrible back pain, and I really just felt like staying in bed all day long. (There was once a time in my life I could do that if I wanted, ya know) But this smiley little sweet heart (along with the chiropractor and lots of healing prayer) helped my pain to go away and my fever to lower. He's so precious to me, this baby!! ;)
and because my little ones are doing this now, and I really love to Mamarazzi it up when they do, I'll end this post with my sleeping babes. This was the other night all in the living room. They looked to precious to move, so I just watched them a while. :)

Life is good.
God is good.


  1. wow... your kiddos definitely look alike in baby pics!

    what is spumoni?

    our temps have been in the high 70's this week... are you jealous? heehee! it's awesome!

    hope you're feeling better!!

  2. Ohohoh! Baby thighs are the BEST. You have beautiful children! I love how you talked about watching your husband and daughter love on each other. That's one of the things that I hope to have in my future too. =)