Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a Sunday evening

The house was suddenly quiet with the exception of the buzzing from the lawnmower outside. 
I find either the most horrendous or the most hilarious situations when the house is quiet, so I like to creep up on them with anticipation. 
I tip toed down the hall and peeked my head into Adeline's room first.
Deep breath of relief.
No permanent marker on the walls, no hand sanitizer caked on every inch of the floor with skiing babies, and no dressing up baby Gideon.
Just two small babies, peeking through the evening sunlight seeping through blinds. 
So I ran to get my camera, came back with the camera tried to shoot without a memory card, ran to the computer, insert memory card, and get back there snapping away without shutter speed or ISO adjustments. 
Not that I remember to change those often, but I really could have for these. 
You see there was something very strange going on.... Daddy was outside mowing the grass. It had been a long time since he'd done that. (No really, Adeline shouted, "DADDY WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE" as he approached a very tall weed.) So this was interesting to them. 
Their heads slowly turned left and then slowly right again only to repeat the sequence until Daddy got close enough to notice his audience. 
Hey there workin' man! 
and in that moment in all of her elegance, Adeline stepped away from the shimmery white curtain, and the sun hit her face leaving me with a sweet silhouette of her almost three year old body. 
She looked pretty.
and then she picked her nose. Way to go kid. 
So after properly disposing of thaaaaat, they continued window to window around the house as Philip made his rounds. 
 and they were precious watching their Daddy. 
except for the booger thing.

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  1. I love the backs of babies heads... I'm weird.
    The booger pics made me LOL!