Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainy Day

 Today we got some rain and some wind and some thunder that were intense enough to fascinate us yet mild enough not to scare us.
Obviously we spent the day inside with our noses and foreheads taking turns pressing against the front and back doors we the three of us weather watched.
 In between that brother discovered the awesomeness of sister's old block puzzles, and sister read us her rendition of "Are You my Mother" a few dozen times.
 This house today felt good. It may have been the peace between the weather-hypnotized kids or it may have been the vacuumed and mopped floors I was able to do for the first time in 4 months by myself last night. (Plus 4 loads of laundry oh yea) Whatever it was, it was nice. At one point tornado warnings were sounding on tv for surrounding areas, and I asked Adeline to pray for those on the road and for Daddy working in New Orleans. There's something about listening to that little girl talk to the Lord that makes my heart swell up and want to burst straight out of my chest. It's really sweet.

In other news somewhere in a FedEx facility in Fort Worth TX a brand new computer is making it's way to us! I'm super super stoked. I've been mentioning since probably June about this computer dying. Lord behold it has held on all the way to March. It's on it's absolute last life and we can hardly run anything on it without wanting to throw the system against a wall. Philip bought me a new HP touch screen desk top with our income tax, and I'm geeking out ecstatic. I can't wait to be able to EDIT PHOTOS! Haha. I'm not sure how long that will be because I'll have to save up and stake out a good deal on some software. I learned in my digital and design classes on Coral Paint Shop Pro, so I'm familiar with that. I always stuck with it because it was familiar. I think my computer is coming with Coral Paint Shop Pro4 already installed, but I've been doing a lot of Photoshop and Lightroom research because I'd like to get a little advanced or at least a little more involved in working with some photos. What are you editing with right now? Recommendations?


  1. Congrats on the clean floors and the new computer!! So exciting. I am coveting photoshop at the moment.

  2. I actually just spoke with a guy that takes pictures for McNeese as a hobby this week about editing software. Here is the list he recommends: PhotoShop CS5, Adobe PhotoShop Elements 10, Portrait Professional, Corel PaintShop Pro, and Photomatix Pro.

    Then I said I'm cheap so he replied back with: Starting out with PhotoShop Elements as a new version of PhotoShop 6 is expected out in the next few months. He also said may wanna try Adobe C5 which is a very powerful editing program.

    I do not have any editing software and my pictures are always straight out my camera but this may help you a little.

  3. I use lightroom and I love it, but it doesn't allow you to do major editing. Mostly lighting/exposure/saturation/contrast/etc. Doesn't have as many options as photoshop. I plan on getting a version of photoshop in order to do more drastic editing from time to time.

    I read somewhere that Photoshop was for graphic artist & designers and Lightroom was more for photographers. I think that's a pretty accurate description.