Monday, May 28, 2012

Hydrangea Overload

Nothing interesting going on here in this post. 
Only beautiful and gorgeous and pink. 
My hydrangeas are blooming, and I cannot stop stalking them. 
They're my favorite, and I water them faithfully looking at each new bud every evening. 
I carried purple hydrangeas for my wedding, because you know purple is more my color, but this year all of our blooms are pink and I'm liking it.
 I even have one bush that's a really dark pink. I love those!
Philip buys me a new hydrangea plant every year, although this year we skipped because I don't have any more room without making a whole new bed. 
Some of these actually started off blue when I got them, but I know the color depends on the acidity level of the soil, and apparently our acidity level is more on the pink scale.
Although the older the bloom gets the more purple it turns, which is when I like to cut them and bring them inside.
Hydrangeas are all over my house year round in artificials, but nothing beats these read blooms in jar. 
So. dang. pretty.


That's all.


  1. Wow!! Are they hard to grow? I LOVE those! They are so beautiful.

    1. I always hear people down here talk about how hard they are to grow, but I've never had any trouble. They just take a lot of water!