Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankfulness Goin On In Here

Hello today.
November day to be particular. 
The month of Thanksgiving. 
and I'm about to get thankful
all over this blog.
and in true me fashion
I'm going to make it obnoxious and fill it with pictures of the children I stalk with my iphone camera.
Because I'm their momma, and they'll thank me when they're older for capturing awesome things such as this:
and this:
 Because enlarged nostrils, morning breath, and lazy lookin' eyes is what I like to call 'keepin it real.'
 and while we're being real can I just say
that I think I've given birth to the sweetest most precious baby girl on the planet?
Does that make me sound arrogant? Does that make you not like me? 
I'm sorry. Real. It's how I was trying to keep it.
Your kids are cute too.
 Alright. thankfulness. Here's what I got. Coffee. Seriously how did people-mothers to children who wake up early and go to bed late- ever wake up before this stuff. No sooner than when Adeline hits me in the forehead with her foot while trampling across my face to lay next to me in bed only to repeat "Mommy lets go wait for the sun to come up outside" 47 times before I throw myself out of bed with Selah attached to me and Gideon yelling for a banana.... do I run to my coffee maker. 
Sweet Lord, I thank you for this. It smells good. It tastes good. and It is good.
 and then there's Target. Because can I even exclude it from a list of what I'm grateful for?
I can't. I don't even need to explain it to you, because I already know you understand.
I'm thankful for this strong-willed, fun-spirited, first born that humbles me.
Seriously God teaches me through her every day.
She's hard, but she's worth it. Such a blessing.
 as is her brother and sister. I'm so thankful to be a mother. To be a mother to those three. and when they are lovin' on each other........ really. Fufillment, thanksgiving, gratitude, joy, love.
All that good stuff.
All up in my heart.
 oh and if they're sleeping it's like bonus warm fuzzies. Really I love them.
 Oh and this man. Who works so hard, so much, and who I've seriously never heard complain about it. Once. Ever. I'm so fortunate to have found love so young and been able to let it simmer slowly growing into something above and beyond me and only God-given. I'm so blessed my children have a father who has made it a priority to not only take care of us all, but one who sees the importance of me staying home with them to raise them and has made it priority for our family. I'm thankful for a man who sees past the laundry piles (sup background laundry that needs to be hung in the closet) and for a man who loves me for everything I am. Raw. Just me. I love my husband. I'm glad he's mine.
 I also love lipstick. Because when I spend 30 minutes getting everyone else ready and only have 5 minutes left to go time to get myself ready..... lipstick makes me feel pretty. Even if I look like the Joker............................................
 I'm thankful for when my kids listen. Like when I say kiss me for this picture that I'm going to give your wife one day and 100 others similar to it when I tell her that I was the first woman in your heart.
Why am I crazy?

I'm thankful for these two matching skirts. 
Because even though Philip says I don't need to dress them alike.
I will anyway. and it will be cute.
and then he will be thankful for their cuteness. 
 Gracious me I'm thankful these things take naps. Wherever those naps may be. Amen.
 I'm thankful we didn't leave Adeline at the election polls on Election Day. Her sleep deprived Daddy sure thought he left her when he went to unbuckle her from her vacant seat once we got home.
She was just hiding in the back. Sorry for the momentary terror, Daddy. Get more rest. 
 I love Satsumas. How cool is it that God provides for us food four our bodies, from the earth, right in our very back yard. Physical food for our bodies, and His word for our souls. Thank you Lord.
 and thank you for answering prayer. You are faithful, and you teach me every day. 

and here we go, as if I didn't pretty much make it the most annoying thing about this post let me reiterate:
 I am thankful that I make incredibly, undeniably cute babies.
 and Philip too. I mean he helps to make them. a little.
 I mean really. Did cute even exist before this child?
 I'm not going to stop.
It's just too much.

and there we go. 
a random slightly unrelated irregular list in no particular order of some shallow things and some real things I'm thankful for today. 

Now I have to go cook potato soup.


  1. Georgeous photos, wonderful memories. I have tagged your blogin a game of blog-tag. Hope you will join in and have fun if you have time.