Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diapers and Bubbles and Target and Waiting

I read my kids Bambi a few nights ago, and I was reminded of a little rabbit-style preaching my momma did while I was growing up. "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." from Thumper himself (or I guess originally his momma, herself).
So that's more or less why I've been a little reclusive and quiet lately.
I really just haven't had much nice to say.
It's mostly due to a bad case of the grumpies induced by my frustratingly pregnant state.
Just kind of tired of throwing up. Really, really tired of that. Oh and contractions. and back pain and heartburn.... and--Oh yea, I should be saying "nothin at all" ;)
Plus I've had a couple of miserably sick little ones along with a husband away from home and other insane scenarios that up until now I thought only existed on slap stick comedies on television.
Rest assure though. I know the sleepless newborn season ahead will bring much me much more joy!
I function much better on little sleep than I do in pain/nausea.
I'm ready for ya, Selah.
I'm only about 35 weeks, and she's only around 5lbs and 4oz, but oh, ohhh do I feel more like 47 weeks with her at 12lbs14oz.
A few of my sweet, kind friends took me to dinner some time last week. Actually it was a diaper dinner. One where they blessed me with all of this:
I'm so grateful for that blessing for sure! I put all of this in the girls' closet and sometimes I just open it up to stare at the stack of diapers, and think of how thankful I am!
Another sweet friend and woman of God came out of her way to my house this weekend just to bring me some chicken soup. I mean really. Soup and diapers. Wayyy much of a spirit lifter!

Well that and foot rubs, which I got three of, onefor all three nights Philip got to sleep at home this weekend. I miss my man, but I'm so happy and thankful he'll be working near home very soon.
The hours he selflessly works to support us always make me miss him so much, but make me that much more grateful for a man who never complains and always sacrifices to take care of us. He's our hero. I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to more, having the baby or having him off of work and at home for a week.
So in between soaking in the perfect ratio of lukewarm water to bubbles and chasing around wild children, I'm just in a season of waiting.....
which is not something I do well.
 So this morning after a relentless day yesterday of throwing up, contractions, and a baby pressing on my pelvic bone, I decided to beg someone to watch my children and run away to Target where I self medicated with some shopping.
I bought what I feel like I needed to pack my hospital bag, and while I probably won't need it for another month, as I reported on Instagram [CourtneyKeb], I'll just bounce on my yoga ball and stare at it until it's baby time.

Prayers of endurance, are what I'm requesting.
Prayers of peace that surpasses understanding is what I'm needing.
and prayers of good health for Selah and less (or more tolerable) pain for me are what I'm wanting.
Thank you, friends.

I back tracked on the blog to see if I was this frustrated at the end of Gideon's pregnancy, and after reading my letter to my unborn fetus and my blog about the [not] birthday cake I can confirm.

Also, I'm sorry that I'm a whiner.
Just keepin' it real.

Waiting on our grand finale to the birth stories (1 & 2).
All in His good time.

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  1. oh my. i didn't realize that you were still throwing up! i do not envy you (other than the fact that you are 35 wks already!). i will, for certain, keep you in my prayers!!