Friday, October 2, 2009

Girl's Clothes

So I've gotten tons of compliment's on Adeline's wardrobe.
and to many a surprise, no I did not make them.

Unfortunately I can only sew squares, rectangles, and hems.
If you give me a pattern I will cry not even know what to do.
That and I don't have a machine.

So, my sister has opened shop and she's getting started on making not only for my angel, but other little ones too.
Here's some of her stuff:

This is one of Adeline's fall dresses by Heidi.
one of the many pillowcase dresses that are oh so cute!

Addie Jean's Halloween dress by Heidi.

and my favorite--Adeline's Thanksgiving bubble dress also by Heidi.

These are three of my favorites she's made for Addie's fall wardrobe.
She'll be making and selling these on her Etsy shop at
and she's got more stuff on the way.
Christmas outfits are coming out SO darling!
Drop by and give her a look.


  1. OMG! I am so excited for Heidi's Etsy shop. I have ordered Lexie over $100 worth of dresses in just the last 2 weeks. Yay...I can't wait. She does incredibly cute things.

  2. Thanks! She sure does!!! I know, I'm keeping from buying for Adeline in the stores so I can have our little fashionesta in a Heidi original all winter! haha
    Did you go into Handcocks and talk to Heid?
    She said a friend came in and commented onher dresses for Addie, and I'm betting it was you! ;)