Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Creative Room

So we no longer have a teenager living in our spare bedroom.
What does that mean?
That means that we have a new CREATIVE ROOM!

While Philip's cousin Matt was living with us, my work space was shared with Philip's work out room. It was alright until Philip decided to use the room. Then it was too much.

It was bad, I know.
and trust me, I am one of the most organized people you'll ever meet. It was killing me to be all out of whack!

Well here ya go, here was Matt's room before:

and here's our creative room now:

So it may not seem that dreamy to you, but to me it's a piece of peace!

Roomy, quiet, inspirational, light, peaceful, and organized.

Philip built me that chalkboard/peg board, I just don't have any pegs or anything on it yet.
When I do I'll hang scissors and stuff from there.

He also hasn't built my desk yet, which will go on one empty wall.

and in a year or so Adeline will have her own desk in there for finger painting, coloring, and any other creative projects.
For now it's filled with crawling space and chasing toys which entertains her while I work.

Nothing too overboard or permanent though because in a few years we'll have another little one needing to reside in that bedroom.
Can you say awesome?


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  1. I love your chalkboard! What a great way to stay organized.
    -Crystal (Crystal's Craft Spot)