Monday, November 30, 2009

A little ribbon here and there

I will shamefully admit that I am a little lot excited to be getting some new toys for Adeline this Christmas. She hardly has any and the ones she does have she's so bored of she barely even gives them a chance anymore. So I get creative with play time now. Spatulas, tupper ware, sales papers, bowls, peanut butter jars........
you know the story.
I had some presents to wrap. 
I gave my daughter a spool of Christmas ribbon to play with to keep her from tearing up and trampling the paper.


She played quietly as she tapped the heavy spool on the floor and twirled the ribbon from finger to finger.
In (and I kid you not) about 5 minutes she wrapped herself up in that stupid Christmas ribbon in ways I really don't see how she even did.

I'm talking under the arm, over the neck, through the legs and around each a few times.
It took me closer to 10 minutes to untangle her.

but you know after I laughed hysterically at her (which in turn made her cry)
I had to take some pictures.

I love my girl.

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  1. You are such a great mother...Teaching her crafting at a young age isn't a bad thing...In the last picture she almost looks like she has a ribbon tutu on...Adorable!