Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why December, Hello

The most glorious month of the year has arrived, and I'm officially merry! 

Don't get me wrong, I've been merry for months now. Especially considering I've been Christmas decorated for almost a month, and playing Christmas music since Halloween.
I can't help it.

I will say so far one of the sweetest things this Holiday season has been Adeline's newly learned dancing.
She mostly dances to loud commercial songs, Christmas music, and especially Micky Mouse Clubhouse songs. IT IS SO CUTE!!
She bends her knees up and down and sways side to side, and my heart pitter patters with pride and delight as I encourage her to continue dancing while shaking my own behind like a maniac. 

Sweet times.

I thought I'd fill you in on some of my own Christmas trivia. 
I first saw this over at Clover Lane, a blog I love! 

Take a gander, and fill one out yourself. 

Best childhood gift from Santa: I believe Santa left my little sister and brother and I a trampoline when I was about 10 years old. To us, that was luxurious and we jumped all day long. 

2. Best childhood memories:

My mom used to be very into Christmas decorating and crafts. I think those are the moments that stay with me and fill my heart with smiles during the holidays. Decorating the house for Christmas was always--always worth the house cleaning we'd done before. Of course nothing's as good as the first holiday baking session and eating dough while Mom was greasing cookie sheets. Wrapping presents sure was fun too though. We always felt like little elves doing such important jobs.

3. Favortie Christmas cookies: We used to make this particular sugar cookie recipe when I was a kid. I remember the agony it was to let the dough refrigerate for 2 hours, and sometimes that was an excruciating wait. Sugar cookies aren't necessarily my favorite, but for Christmas' sake. I love baking/decorating them!

4. Icky Christmas memory:I've been blessed enough to have mostly beautiful rather than icky Christmas'.Last Christmas was probably the closest it got to icky though. My parents divorced in January, and last Christmas was really different with the divorce and my pregnancy and depression. I'm not going to lie, it was hard.

5. It's not Christmas without:I think I'll say cold weather. Some might think that's a given, but here in South Louisiana you have no idea what it'll be like. Christmas Day 2004 it even snowed. We never, ever get snow. Wouldn't it be wonderful!?!?! But yea every now and again you get a warm Christmas, which really doesn't even feel like Christmas.

6. Our Church Service: I honestly don't know. I've been at Living Word (our church) for 8 months now, so I've never experienced a Christmas there.

7. Christmas Pet Peeve: We don't have much money. So when I give up doing extra things in December to go out of my way and find or make something for someone from the heart and they don't even seem thankful (mostly because they even skip the "thank you" part I feel a little peeved. I love giving, mostly because you can see the joy you gave someone else. It feels a little empty when they don't enjoy or appreciate it.

8. Favorite Christmas CD: Trans Siberian Orchestra. Hands down.  

9. Real or Fake:  This is the first year ever that I've had a fake tree. Picking out the tree, smelling the pine, watering it, it all comes with Christmas for me. This year though we have a fine replacement. A 9 foot tall beautiful prelit fake tree Philip found in a dumpster in a rich neighborhood he's working in. He brought it home after Christmas last year and I was hoping it didn't have all the pieces or wasn't working so we could just throw it away and have our usual, real tree. Turns out it was in PERFECT condition, had all of the pieces still in the bags and original box WITH a $299.99 price tag on it. Umm I'll take that. Dumpster find or not.

10. I spend Christmas Eve :  Well. Normally My family would spend Christmas Eve at my grandmothers house with all of my cousins and my uncle and parents. With my grandma no longer in her normal state of mind, divorces, and grown cousins we no longer get together. I suppose this year I'm going to start my own tradition for my family. Maybe Christmas Eve we'll do something spunky, fun, and just the three of us.


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