Thursday, March 4, 2010

Craftin' in the Kitchen

Why do I have a recent obsession with fabric?
If it looks old and country and floral I just can't help but scoop it up and run out of the store as if I've found a rare treasure everyone will chase me for.
I am learning that my "MawMaw" taste isn't as appealing to everyone. ;)

I bought all of these gorgeous hydrangeas on sale, and I really probably shouldn't have because I've been trying to decide what I even need them for.
I guess I'll have a pretty spring wreath soon.

One cool thing about Philip being offshore is that I can cover my kitchen counter tops in crafts and work on 5 things at the same time without having to worry about picking it up every evening. 
It's so wrong but it's feels so right.
I know, silly.

Anyway, I've been having a fine time finally getting back intouch with my crafty self.
All of my preggo friends will have some special little gifts for those special little blessings! 

I just love working on baby stuff. 


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