Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our New Bow and Clip Holders

As I mentioned before, Adeline's bow holder wasn't cutting it for us anymore.
She got tall enough to pull it off of the wall by the skirt, and I was running out of room to put the plethora of bows we've made on it anyway.
So I gave it away, and made a new one.
I know there are a lot of great/super cute bow holders out there, but I wanted something modern, simple, and easy.
So I shopped in our garage for the perfect pieces of spare wood from my hubby, and found one board for bows and one for clips.
Off I went to fabric shop (one of my new favorite things to do).
I came home with these pieces:
 Don't mind the wrinkles there. 
Ironed my wrinkly fabric, grabbed the scissors, glue gun, and wood scrap.
Hot glue one side of fabric on at a time 
Then it looks like thissss. I really like the simplicity of this, I think sometime in the near future i will do some smaller pieces like this in different fabric for maybe my dining room wall. 
Hot glue ribbon around the board. I didn't measure the differences, because I kind of like imperfections... so I just eyeballed the widths. 
and there we go, a new bow holder and a new clip holder. 
and bows... lots and lots of bows... haha 

I have to wait for Philip to come home from offshore before they go up on the walls.
I'm not allowed to puncture sheet-rock without permission. ;)


  1. that's A LOT of bows!!!

    I have another super secret sugar cookie tip to give you (b/c you rock so much to leave me comments!) but I can't find an email for you - so email me at and I'll email it back to you!