Tuesday, March 16, 2010

People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend.

Gracie was our first baby.
You know the furbaby.
It's just what you do when you're newlywed and you want a baby, but have to take the baby steps of getting a dog and treating it like a baby and THEN feel prepared for a real baby.

Okay so some of you may be able to relate, some of you may not. 

But yea, Gracie was here first.
and when we said 
"Gracie, wanna go bye bye."
That Labradoodle beat you to the car.

Now ever since Adeline has been old enough to learn "bye bye"
We head out the door and usually tell Gracie "bye bye"
which of course to her has to be some cruel joke or declaration that we love our baby more then her since she isn't coming along--but you know you can't take a 60lb Labradoodle everywhere.

So today I decided we could all go "byebye"
hand claps and tail wags extreme!!!!!!!!

My hairy baby was especccialllllllly excited. It's not every day she gets to go, ya know.

Where did we go, you might [ormightnot] be wondering?

Dairy Queen-duh.
It was 77 degrees outside.
That = warm
Warm + a Sunday afternoon = ice cream for Adeline and Gracie and a big ol Fountain Diet Coke for me.

Gracie and Adeline split a vanilla cone. Although Adeline didn't seem to think it was fair that Gracie got the top in a cup and she had the bottom in the cone. 
So while they fought over an empty cup and carton I sat back and sipped some carbonated goodness:

Because Fountain Diet Coke is number one on my list. 

Play a little ball.
Discover that brishing your hair with a BBQ pit cleaning brush is a bad idea....
and we have another fine Sunday evening complete with Bybye, icecream, and outside.


  1. That is so sweet! Where do you live that it was 77????

  2. Thank you! I live in South Louisiana. Get's pretty hot down here!!

  3. Aww, yay, puppy goes for a ride!!!

  4. Doodles are the cutest dogs on the planet I swear - I have friends who have a Golden Doodle and he is soooooooooooooo cute...

  5. Our lab (Boo) is our baby right now... and I was just talking to my husband about what we would do if we had a REAL baby. Boo is so used to going for rides to "grandma & grandpa's house"... I couldn't bear to leave her home! Looks like your pup does GREAT in the backseat with your little gal! I can only hope one day that Boo will be that good!! (Assuming we are able to have kids)