Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Internet.

Sup ya'll?

I've been away for like 2 weeks now, but I'm baaaaack.

I bum the internet off of my neighbor (aka MIL).
Her modem went out, so I was with computer, but without internet for a whole week.


once I finally did get the internet back, I caught a couple of nasty trojans and had to bring my computer to Best Buy for fixin.

THAT took them a week.

and now I'm back and realizing how much I missed on the www.

1. Google. There were numerous times throughout my days where I'd think of random questions that I knew google could answer.
2. Yahoo IM. Philip's been offshore, and I talk to him on webcam through yahoo IM.
I missed talking/seeing him.
3. Socializing. Facebook/hotmail/blogger.
I missed ya'll so badly!!

I didn't miss bill paying, and countless late hours of online shopping replacing housework though.

and I DID get A LOT of spring cleaning done.
You could basically eat off of any area in my closet, master bath, bedroom, or laundry room.
Then I got bored of cleaning and organizing so the living room, kitchen, middle bath, and 3 bedrooms will wait.

Here are some other pictures throughout our couple of weeks with nothing else to do but play toys, cook, and clean.

Those are for you Daddy!

Oh and a couple of updates:
The night I posted this my BeBe sunglasses along with my Ipod touch were stolen from my Terrain overnight.
Are you kidding me? I splurge for some twerp to take one of my only indulgences?

Lets see...
My Mother's Day was quiet and low key, but I did get these flowers from my mom

and these cards from Philip.

Oh, and as far as an update on this post:
It's a no go.
Not knocked up.

and I'm totally okay with that!
No more Adanotherline.
for now.


  1. My Friend! Oh how I've missed you!!! So glad you are back! Isn't it sort of refreshing to be disconnected like that though? Just a little? I'm keeping my mouth shut though because I missed your bloggie-ness in my world;)

  2. Welcome back! I went months after babe was born with out internet. It was so nice to get it back! Cute dress in the first photo!