Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clean Up on Isle 3 and 4

When we were designing the floor plan of our house, it was originally a 3 bedroom plan.
Against Philip's better judgment I convinced him to turn the 3 spacious bedrooms into 4 average size bedrooms [with the exception of the master bed, which we kept at it's original size].

This was mostly because I wanted to fill each spare bedroom with a little kiddie one day, and I thought it'd be nice for each to have his and her own room.

When it was just the 2 of us the 3 spare bedrooms were:
-craft room
-workout room
-guest bedroom

Then I had Adeline and my craft room got booted and she got herself a pretty little place to lay down her sweet head.

The guest bedroom eventually turned into my craft room, which is now what I like to call our "creative room"
I set it up so that Adeline can work on some little projects while I can craft away on my own.

The workout room.... well
no one ever goes in there.
Once Philip got a better paying job we ditched that rusty exercise equipment and invested in a gym membership, which I now completely despise for taking all of my husband's spare time away.

we've got a little mister on the way and he'll need a room to call his own too.
So the workout room will be turned into my craft room, and my craft room will be baby boy's room.

A lot of switching around, I know but it's all for closet and strategic reasons that would bore you even more than you already are.

So now that Philip is home we can make the switch in rooms, and I can start designing the nursery as well as redesigning my 3rd and final craft room.

For sake of completely embarrassing myself, let me show you how much of a job this is going to be:
This is our "creative room" in it's present state:
and this is our "workout room" in it's current state:
Right now it's mostly fostering Adeline's out grown clothes and Philip's guns, besides the actual workout equipment and treadmill that I swear are in there.

In my defense these rooms haven't been occupied in at least 5 months since I've been sick.
I'm talking ZERO dusting, organizing, vacuuming, or cleaning of any kind for going on 6 months.I'm ashamed, I am.
Yea this is so going to suck.

BUT I have some inspiration for my craft room:

I have no idea where I got this photo from [somewhere on the big ole www] but whoever it belongs to you are amazing and you should come to my house and help a sister out.
Philip is going to flip when he sees how much of this I actually want him to recreate, but eventually it will get here.

and as far as the nursery...
I've got inspiration, it's just all in my jumbled head right now.

The rest of my house is kept up pretty well, and these two rooms literally gave me anxiety yesterday by just opening the doors.
I'm thinking this is going to take a while.


  1. I hear ya... Before I got married, I was a fashion design student living in a three bedroom apartment by myself... (I am not sure why I had 3 bedrooms!) Being a art/design student, naturally two of those rooms became "craft rooms." They should have been called "Tornado Disaster rooms." I think art and craft supplies are like bunnies... They make babies when we aren't looking and then take over the house! Haha!

    Good luck with all your new room ventures!

  2. Yeah! Can't wait to see what you come up with:)

    ps-both of your "messy" rooms, look like my entire house right now!

  3. I seriously need to make a trip to your town! LOL I love organizing things. I'm currently putting everything together at our house. I refuse to put anything out at our house unless it has a specific place! If you need anything please let me know!

  4. Yay!!! I'm excited now to see some before and after pics.Room remodels are my favveeee!!! :)

  5. we only have 2 bedrooms... so my guest/craft room is going to be baby's room. i started organizing my craft stuff today... and i can totally relate to the pictures of your extra rooms. mine is quite similar... however, i have no excuse other than being messy and lazy!

    i like the pic of how you envision your new craft room! i would LOVE to have something like that. maybe someday when we're in our "forever" house. Lord knows it's not this one! (i hope!)

  6. I jealous that you actually have a craft room! I have to pack all my goodies back in there little closet whenever i make something! That said i LOVE the inspiration! That will look amazing! I love organization! *smiles* Can't wait to see what you have planned for your little guys room.

  7. If there is anything I can do to help just let me know! I can't wait to see what the baby's room will look like!

  8. How CUTE is your belly getting? Love your new banner. Your blog is looking great :)

  9. I just happened upon this girl's blog and she just happens to be the owner of that awesome scrapbook room. There's some close ups here:

    Just in case you didn't see all those, I thought you might like em.

  10. That craft room is a dream and great inspiration. Post pictures when you are done.