Thursday, October 28, 2010

Off to see the Docdee

I have to catch myself in talking to say doctor instead of docdee, which is how Adeline says it. 

This morning I had an OB visit, and once problems start to arise it makes me a nervous wreck to go to the doctor
Thank God I got a good report, though. 
I was so afraid I'd be sentenced to bed rest, with all of the contractions, but my awesome doctor said that what I'm going through is normal, especially since it's my second pregnancy.
I have to take it a little more easy than I'm used to so that I don't egg anything on, and we'll have to take precautionary measures to prevent any preterm labor, but I left feeling good better. 

They did an ultrasound to measure the length of my cervix to make sure these contractions hadn't shortened it any, and again, thank God everything's normal.

I did get to see a pretty cute little boy though. 
He wasn't really up for showing anything besdies his goods, which are all boy by the way.
Every time I'd get a glimpse of his little face he'd tuck his arms over it and at one point even brought his legs up to his face.
That's the only cool thing about having problematic pregnancies like I've had/have.
They always wanna do ultrasounds on you, so I get to see the baby almost every visit.
It's pretty cool to see the ultrasound space fill more and more with baby as the ultrasounds go by. 

Also, I've been seeing a chiropractor to [attempt] to treat my hyperemisis and the aches and pain and all of that I've been having. I've learned a long time ago not to rely on any relief as far as pregnancy goes, but I really think this back crackin' thing could work out for me :)


  1. Oh girl... My best friend has hypermesis... and I feel for you! I thought I had bad morning sickness until I saw what she was going through! I hope you feel better and better!

    Your little boy is so sweet!

  2. Glad to hear everything is good! I had braxton hicks, but they started around 7 mos. They get to be a little aggravating, but I would take a deep breath and carry on.

  3. First off,I can't belive that I've not been to your blog before now! Your lil guy is precious. I had a ton of problems with both of my pregnancies also and always said the same thing, at least I have lots of ultrasound photos :)

    Kick back and put your feet up Mama, you certainly deserve it!

  4. PS: added your button to my blog, hope thats ok :)

  5. Congratulations! I gave you an One Lovely Blog Award. Do come to my blog to take the Award Button.

  6. glad everything is looking good!!! i only got 2 ultrasounds... kind of fun that you get a bunch!!