Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday

I hope you guys have a Happy Halloween weekend!
We're actually going to be camping this weekend for Halloween.
I've been a little apprehensive about the trip for a few reasons, but all in all I'm hoping to have a good time watching all of the little ones partake in fun little Halloween activities.
Plus Adeline is the cutest pup ever, and I'm so looking forward to watching her play around in her costume.

Anyway, I haven't flashed back with Tia in a while, so I thought I'd flashback today, with probably a lot of you others to last Halloween.

Miss Addie Jean was almost 9 months old, and yes she looks like she's seen a ghost in this picture, haha.
[Look how bald]
 Yep, our little angel was an angel for Halloween last year.
Actually, I'm really not very into Halloween. Her costume was something I put together for free two nights before Halloween. I had a bolt of white tulle left over from my wedding, some elastic, and some gold ribbon, and that was just enough to make her look angelic enough for a costume. Plus it was free AND easy! 
Can't beat that.

We weren't planning on trick or treating, because:
1. She only had 2 teeth.
2. She can't eat candy.
3. I didn't want to look silly taking an infant trick or treating.

BUT we went up trick or treating.
We went to visit Philip's godchild who was Buzz Lightyear Halloween night, and we ended up going along with their crew door to door for candy.
I was unprepared and without a stroller or a bag, but Philip's aunt lent me both.
By the end of the night, Adeline may have felt a little robbed, while everyone else ate candy and she had cheerios, but all the same she was exhausted from all of the attention. 
 Awwwa, one one year's time she's grown so much.
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Well, I'll see you guys Monday with all of your pictures of your little cuties dressed up and high on sugar.
Be safe ya'll!!


  1. Awwwwww, I LOVE her cheeks!! I wanna squish 'em :)
    What a cutie.
    Gosh they grow up fast!!

  2. She is crazy cute! Have a great weekend!