Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"I wike da gween one."

It's written in my long list of rules [in my head] somewhere about dying Easter eggs the week before Easter Sunday.

and since I'm really big on following the rules... we did just that today.

Clear glasses quickly fizzled into every color of the rainbow, which my little Squiggy proudly recited as the colors consumed the water.
and although she can't count passed 10 yet, we counted all dozen of the white eggs.... we just had 3 number 10s. ;)
This is Adeline's 3rd year of Easter Egg dying, and it was the most interactive one yet. The passed couple of times of doing it, it was literally just me dying the eggs while i forced her to watch. This year she did almost everything herself.
Her little hands were so eager to help, and for the most part, I just let her go to town.
and out of pure lucky grace, we only had one egg crack.

it's little things like dying Easter eggs that make me so thankful for the little helping hands in my life right now.


  1. adorable!
    strange fact: i don't remember coloring any eggs. ever. but there is a faint memory of some dying going on at my gram's house....with glue to make cool designs...

  2. cutie cute cute cute! she will remember these times... and that's awesome. not all parents take the time to do these things with their kids!