Monday, April 18, 2011

Workin It, Ya'll.

Turns out there's only 1 thing that sucks about not being pregnant....
and that's there's no excuse to not work out.
Unless it involves being awesome at Just Dance2 [which I am], I really just don't like to work out. 
buuuuuuut after our first 5K I was a little more beat than I'd like to have been, so I'm trying to get into a little bit better shape before we do the next one at the beginning of May.
Plus I have like 347lbs to lose. 
 how ya like my 'trying to look cool in the gym' face?
So I've been trying the whole work out at home thing during double nap times, but really I can't ever commit for long because someone around here always needs me :)
This leads to me telling you that I'm back at the gym, which is a real love-hate relationship.
I hate working out.
I love a little get-away.
I hate getting bored at the gym. 
I love that I can get a fountain diet coke on my way home if I want to.
I hate pushing myself that extra mile.
I love the victorious feeling of accomplishment afterward.
I hate leaving my kids for an hour and a half.
I love leaving my kids for an hour and a half.
anyway, I think this will be good for me. I've struggled my entire life with my weight, and I've been in and out of gyms before as well as diets, workout plans, and things of the like.
This time I'm feeling really commited though. I want to lead a good example for my kids. 
Plus I wanna be a hot wifey too! 

Oh yea, and today... my phone called me a Pewee.
Stupid auto correct.


  1. Way to go, gal! Lookin all cute in your gym attire!

  2. whoa, that auto-correct. lol.
    you're cute!!

  3. i absolutely hate to work out... GO YOU!!!!!