Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fav Things Thursday

1. These Chewy Oatmeal-Crasin Cookies
Out of the oatmeal cookie recipes I've baked, this one is my favorite so far! Yummy!

2. Scentsy
I'm realizing that I'm a late comer to this bandwagon, but I will say I'm so glad I've found it! I've been through candles, air fresheners, and plug-ins galore, and haven't found anything that radiates through the house for long enough. Jackpot! Love it!! and the scent I'm loving is from the men's fragrances; it's called something Watson.

3. Another one of my Hydrangea plants bloomed. These are blooming really pretty too!
I just love Hydrangeas!

4. This beautiful piece of art:
A FB friend found this beautiful piece and posted it yesterday. Honestly I've looked at it probably 100 times since. I've pictured it in my living room, breakfast nook, and bathroom and I cannot get it out of my head. $3000 is slightly way over my price range though.

5. The Calypso line at Target:
 I love the aquas and greens in the Sea Collection, and I went ahead and bought this shirt for myself. I love way it fits and I love that it reminds me of Pensacola, which is where I love to be in the summer time.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Thursday. I cleaned half of my house yesterday and saved the second half for today. So hopefully I get some good nap times out of the babies.


  1. Yes, scentsy's are pretty much the most amazing things ever! :) And...I'm going to have to stop by target this evening...that shirt is toooo cute!!

  2. i've never heard of those scentsy things??

    i went to this surplus discount store in our town (my fav store EVER) and bought 4 v-neck shirts for $2.99 each yesterday. since i don't fit very well into my normal shirts--these will be my summer wardrobe. we don't have a target around here (closest one is an hour away)... or i'd love that shirt you posted--although pockets on my boobs just don't go well together. they don't need any more accentuation! LOL!

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