Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 months

Didn't I just sit down to write Gideon's 2 month post?
MMmmm guess that was about a month ago.
Well here he is, a quarter of a year old.
3 whole months!
Isn't he handsome, too?
I know.
He is still such a chill little dude.
As long as he's fed and changed [and not riding in the car] he's pretty much content.
He's really been such an easy baby, and it's a true blessing with such a busy sister!

Gideon is:

-13lbs and 26inches
-He wears a size 2 diaper and a 6 months in clothes.
-He loves to cuddle a blanket or stuffed animal, but mostly he loves to cuddle his mommy.
-He sleeps through the night.
-Let me repeat that: He sleeps through the night!!! Okay, usually he wakes up to nurse around 4-6am, and sometimes he'll even go back to sleep. Sweet, huh?
-He breastfeeds every 3 hours.
-He enjoys his baths.
-He is starting to grab his toys and is really into checking out his hands and their capabilities.
 -Eskimo kisses make him laugh.
-He's really stoked about seeing ceiling fans.
-The sound of Adeline's voice lights up his face.
-If Philip is around, he's staring at him in amazement.
-He also has some of his best baby talk conversations with his Daddy.
-He loves to stand up.
-He really likes swinging too.
-He still really loves kisses under his chin and around his jaw, and he's even starting to try to find his laugh.
-He doesn't mind being on his tummy and is starting to hold his head up for minutes at a time.
-He enjoys short little naps outside on a warm day.
-He is already teething and loves to chew on toys, my fingers, and his hands. This is also accompanied with mucho drool. 
 -He also takes a pacifier and I'm afraid if he wouldn't he'd be a thumb sucker like his sister, and we don't want that again! 

Gideon is my little lovey. All I have to do is hold him and contentment floods over my entire body. It's such a sweet thing for me to feel this big love for this little boy.

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  1. Time sure flies!!!

    I can't believe he is wearing 6 month clothes! Eloise is over 16 lbs... and she is still in some 3 month! I guess it just depends on the clothes!

    What sweet pics... and what a funky swing!!