Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Things

Okay, I have to blog right now, and I have to blog happy.
I hate that I left off on such a sad note. :(
We loved our Gracie so much, and I just felt like she deserved a post expressing that. 
I spent my entire spare moments of the other day looking through every single picture over the passed 4 years and spotting Gracie in probably half. 
I'm still not quite used to having her not here. 
Last night I was spooning baked macaroni and chicken into everyone's plate, when a noodle wiggled off of the spoon and onto the floor. Without thinking I whistled for Gracie to come gobble it up, and then I got really sad standing there looking at a macaroni shell by my foot because after it wasn't immediately inhaled I realized there was no happy canine garbage disposal with us anymore. 
I'm joking around, but really little things during the day like that always make miss her. 
I did laundry Tuesday and I didn't have to fuss at her one time for trying to make a bed out of my folded towels. I texted Philip, "I even miss what I used to think was annoying!"
So I guess that brings me to announce that we have made a bold move right now and decided to add on another baby to our loving and chaotic household. 
This is our little Labradoodle baby at 2 weeks old. She'll be ready to move from her current home, Oklahoma to here in Louisiana in mid November. After denying Adeline's requests to name her: Simba, Rafiki, or Lucy, Philip has named her Scarlet. Actually he has named her "Scarlet Jo Barky". He's cute.
Philip has actually been saving up to build a shed in the back yard. He's been pretty geeky excited about it, but we don't want to take out a loan for it, so he decided to just set a little extra aside each month and hopefully this time next year he'd be able to just build one debt free. 

Well he totally ditched the shed and emptied out his savings on this little girl. [big deal]
It's really sweet, he says he's doing this for the kids and me, but I can tell he can't wait to have this little girl. He even talked about driving 9 hours to Oklahoma to get her instead of flying her down. 
I'm sorry, there's something about a sweet gushy puppy loving man emerging from the masculine, rough and tough man I know that just makes me want to squeal. 

She's extra cool because she's related to Gracie. [Gracie's sister is actually the momma dog to these little puppies. So I guess this would be Gracie's little niece.]
At first I didn't want another dog at all, but after thinking of how much I enjoyed growing up with dogs I do want that for my kids. We decided on another Labradoodle because as nerdy as it is, we really wanted to just feel like we had a part of Gracie back. 
We checked the breeder we got her from, and coincidentally they just had a litter of F1B Labradoodles. 
The people here have been so sweet and kind and have definitely tolerate of listening to us poor out or Gracie lovin' hearts. We've really enjoyed working with them again.
So yea. Little Scarlet will be here shortly, and she's got some big paws to fill. 
We're hoping she brings as much joy to this family as our Gracie did. 
On a different note, I went to Saturday's LSU game with some friends, and when I came back my kitchen looked like this:
Maybe that looks normal to you, but not to me.
It used to be one of the many boring variations of beige, but now it's BLUE!
I walked in and Philip was in the process of painting it. 
Literally, he had the roller and paint tray in hand and already had half of the kitchen done. 
Thankfully, I love it, and I love my husband for the sweet surprise. 
[Praise God, because that's a big surprise for me to have hated]

I'm anxious to decorate it, and I think I'm going to do that with a lot of black. I have some ideas, but not the budget, so we'll have to wait on that.

So yep. We've got some color in the kitchen.
Oh and in the dining room too, see:
I saw crayon melting artwork all over Pintrest, and I knew Addie would love it, so I gave it a go.
I did it before Philip painted the kitchen blue, but as soon as I saw the walls I knew I had to put this in the dining room. I like it! 

Okay. Adeline has dancing tonight, so I have to go prep her on behavior and get her dressed then wake up Gideon, nurse him, load the crock pot with dinner, load the dance bag, load the car and give it a go.
Have a blessed evening, friends. :)


  1. I'm so glad to see that you guys are getting a new pup! How sweet to know she is related to Gracie! I look forward to seeing pics of her growing up.

    Loving the melted crayon project!

  2. I love that y'all are getting another puppy. I think it will be great for the kids because obviously they definitely loved their Gracie. Everything happens for a reason and considering this one is not only related but came from the same breeder I think it was meant to be.

    What a sweet gesture from Phillip to paint the kitchen. Can't wait to see how you decorate it.

  3. Fun, exciting new things! Can't wait to meet Scarlet and see the new kitchen when we come down again with Baby!