Monday, October 10, 2011

One. Twoo. 3. Fow.

In lieu of some of my recent self reflecting I bring to this blog some lists of fours... about myself.

Here we go:

Four shows that I watch:
 I don't watch much T.V., but if I happen to catch it, I am guilty of indulging in:
- The Ellen Show: Although there's a lot on it to disagree with, she's just so funny!
- So You Think You Can Dance: I do like the show itself, but I love the auditions!!
- Glee: Just something about randomly breaking out in song that makes me want to... well, sing.
- America's Funnies Home Videos: So sue me, I'm a geek.

Four things I'm passionate about:
- Jesus Christ, and he is so worthy.
- My family. I am proud to carry his last name, and his babies too. 
- Breastfeeding. Because it's awesome.
- Learning. Reading, researching, finding answers to what He wants me and you to know.
Four phrases I say a lot:
- "In Jesus' name, Amen."
- "Don't touch your brother."
- "Hey boy boy!"
- "Ohhh Boo Boo Chiiiiickyyyy"

Four things I've learned from the past:
- Time together is time well spent.
- Let go of the little things.
- No matter how hard I try to be in control, or think that I am, really He always is.
- He His perfect timing.

Four things I did yesterday:
- We went to church, twice.
- Watched the Saints beat the Panthers.
- Ate Philip's homemade hamburgers
- Built a couch tent
Four things I'm looking forward to:
- Seeing what God is awakening in my soul.
- Some cooler weather and autumn breezes.
-Welcoming our new little Labradoodle into our home next month.
- Hopefully making a Saints or Hornets game this year!!

Four things I love about fall:
- The smell of burnt sugar cane fields.
- Mochas and scarves
- Appreciating the beauty of bold rusts, crimsons, golds, and bronze protruding from nature
- Pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. Pumpkin paintings and carvings, pumpkin seeds, oh and pumpkin muffins.
Four things on my wishlist:
 -I wish children were never to be sick, hungry, abused, or homeless.
- I wish some people in my life would stop just hearing what I'm saying, and listen to me instead.
- I wish everyone would love and serve my God the way he created us to.
- I wish brown widow spiders didn't exist... at the very least near my home.



    I love how passionate you are about everything you do in life. I look up to you so much and hope to be just like you especially with the love and care you have for your children whenever God decides to grace us with one.

  2. Courtney, I didn't know anyone left on earth watched America's Funniest Home Videos.. you are too funny!

    I like your fours and the pic of baby boy with the pumpkin.

    I cannot wait for fall to really arrive.