Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gone Fishing

Princesses in penguin pants like to go fishing too, ya know.
They keep their bait in their "puppy purse", and they protect their golden locks and pearly skin from the sun with an over-sized polka dot hat.

Sometimes though, they put their shoes on the wrong feet on accident when in a hurry to get out while the fish are still hungry.
If daddy isn't home to take her fishing, she's really good at improvising.
Most princesses have a bunk bed that doubles as a boat. They have to be careful though because sharks swim really close to it.
Always do the run and dive when getting into the boat.
A smart princesses out on her own carries a map that looks like a book so she always knows where she's going.

Our lives are really adventurous.
Tonight we're heading into the jungle. 

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