Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mother's Day Weekend in Phone Photos

I had such an awesome weekend. So often our Saturdays and Sundays are jam packed with places to be and things to do that we run around more than anything, but this weekend was refreshingly mellow and one where I felt my swollen heart loving so much!

This was my favorite Mother's Day to date.
My husband was so good to me and so thoughtful I absolutely felt so in love.
There is very little I enjoy more than us enjoying our children together, and that's exactly what we did all weekend.
I got some beautiful flowers from my Mom, some blueberry plants and a Gardenia plant from my MIL, sweet colored cards and foam picture from from my kids while they were in Sunday School, and I got a soda machine and picture frame deal from Philip and the babies.

Definitely don't deserve to be as spoiled as I felt this weekend, but I won't lie, it was nice! 

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  1. Looks like you had a day full of fun and love! You definitely deserve to be as spoiled as you are because you are a great mother/wife that is teaching God's children the same thing! How's Scarlett doing?

    1. She's so fine! The break didn't slow her down one bit, and she's just as wild as she was before. We go in Thursday for another Xray to see if the splint can come off yet or not. Thanks Sandi!

  2. ohhh so sweet! love the pictures.
    that sunsets, little kiddos, and bikes picture is adorable!

    1. Thanks friend!
      Gideon was so proud to be on that bike!! Love his smile! :)