Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blue Photo Challenge

 This weeks photo challenge @ Paper Mama is:  blue.
So there's my photo.
My baby girl with her baby blues, dressed in blue, playing with her blue pony.
Oh and there's blue in my floor too, if you really wanted to go there.

Link up at one of her photo challenges and join the fun.

Adeline got the Disney Princess bath toys for Christmas.

She never really cared about them until recently.

She knows which one's Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Cinderella.
She especially loves Cinderella "Della." 
That's the only one she'll say, and I'm not gonna lie...
It's so darn cute! Disney Princess or not.
I am more of an Ariel girl, myself, but whatever she wants. Kid looks good in blue anyway.

So last week I went to the store to buy her something with her favorite princess on it, and she ended up with a Cinderella doll and a blue horse too.

I won serious Mommy points the day I brought that home.
She had her own Della, and she was so happy... despite looking as though she's threatening Della's very plastic existence in this photo.


  1. Addie is such a girlie girl! Every girl has a special place in their heart for Cinderella, right? Great entry!

  2. I found you on the Paper Mama Photo Contest.

    The pictures are adorable. I especially love the one that looks like she is kissing the horse...How sweet.

  3. She is so cute! Love when she kisses the pony!

  4. Catching up on your blog! Okay, love the dryer photo!! And second, I want that tricycle for my son!! That thing is bad ass!!

  5. So sweet and cute! I think the closest we get to a blue pony around here in boy land is a bed time bear.

  6. awww the one of her kissing the pony is too adorable for words...she is beautiful!

  7. She is ADORABLE! I am kind of a fan of Cinderella too, although I LOVE Anastasia, who isn't really a DISNEY princess, but still...

  8. Little girls look so cute in blue!

  9. aww such cute fotos. she is sooo adorable