Sunday, May 16, 2010

Get some sunshine, skinny girls!

I got Urban Outfitter's May catalog in the mail last week, and while they did have a couple of cute outfits featured;
 They really had some dreadful outfits in there.
Then I got to looking closer, and I realized it wasn't necessarily the outfit that was so dreadful... it was the little itty bitty sad models.

I mean really, they look like they need a hug.
Or a chocolate bar.
A little sun too.
and some make up remover for all of that gross reddish brown eyeshadow smeared underneath their eyes.

Really I was kind of disgusted.

Maybe I'm hating because I'd never look that good in those outfits,
Maybe the mom in me is coming out and I want them to sit up straight and smile,
but seriously
you can be trendy and happy at the same time right?
like her.
She doesn't necessarily have big white teeth and a head tilt, but she doesn't look like she might swallow a large amount of Prozac at any moment either.

I get the artsy, young, fresh appeal of it all.

I just want my catalog models to not make me want to cook them brownies and snuggle with them.


  1. Your right - the one with the girl walking down the trail is particularly sad - she really looks emaciated and depressed - like she just left a concentration camp or something...

  2. I know, right?!? However, whenever I get ANY kind of sunshine, I fry. So I embrace my pale white girl! But I'm not a sad little waif by any stretch!