Friday, October 14, 2011

8 Month Old Gideon

So yesterday I'm in the hospital with the worst pain ever  giving birth to my first son, Gideon Harry Kebodeaux, and today he's turning 8 months old and crawling all over the whole world.

Do you believe that?
Me either.

Slow down brah!

Tomorrow you'll be two and a half and arguing with me that you 'am a gwown up too!'

So every 14th of the month, I lay little Gideon down in my bed, get the step ladder and take a cute little picture of him, edit in his cute little age, and post it here on the good ole blog.
So we got to business this morning....
except he decided since he's all grown and stuff that he's way too big to just lay there and let me take his picture...........
so that's all we get.
a sweet little boy boy on the move @ 8 months.
Why oh why are you so cute, kid?
So, Gideon here @ 8 big months:
-wears a 12 month sleeper, and 9 month clothes
-loves him some peek-a-boo
-(barely) has 4 top teeth (it's been a rough week for the boy) and 2 bottom teeth
-now sits front and center in a shopping cart as well as in a high chair at a resturant
-loves.... and I do mean loves his momma.
 -sleeps through the night unless he's cutting a tooth
-loves splashing bath water
-loves to mimic my and Adeline's giggles
-absolutely cannot wait for breakfast,lunch, and dinner to be prepared and is a speed eater.
-still breastfeeds, and as his big sister proudly proclaimed today "Gideon loves boobies awot."
-really enjoys being outside
-is enjoying entering the snacking stage where he now snacks on cereal, puffs, and yogurt melts
-just tried a sippy cup today for the first time (and totally didn't get it, nor like it)
 -is the best little baby boy in the whole wide world.

I love this kid.
He makes me feel so close to my own heavenly father.
When we pray over him at night, I feel such a sense of importance in just holding him, raising him, and loving him.
I have great faith that this boy will do amazing things through the Lord some day, and truly I can feel that.
I'm so blessed to be able to watch him grow.
Thank you God for this boy!!!!

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  1. what a handsome littler guy... hard to believe he is getting so big... so fast!! next he'll be walking! yikes!