Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gideon @ 5 months

This little tiny baby of mine won't stop growing!
Yours have that problem too?
Well, I guess that's a blessing, right?

-Gideon is in a size 2 diaper and a size 6-9 month clothes.
Some of his 6 month onesies are too short for him, so for the most part he has moved up to a 9 month. He looks really lean, but it's because he's super long, much like his older sister.
-He loves to eat. Philip always says he thinks he lacks whatever it is in your brain that tells you you're full. I think Gideon must have that too, because I tell you he could eat the day away!
We went to a birthday party where all of the little ones were enjoying hot dogs, cupcakes, and cookies, and I really had to have a firm grip on my baby because he was more than willing to fly out of my arms to reach his sister's hot dog. He's also funny when we eat out after church on Sundays. It's everything I can do to keep him out of my plate.
-So far he loves avocado, banana, sweet potato, apple sauce, pears, rice cereal, and carrots.
-He doesn't care for green beans.
-He involuntarily plays dress up with his sister.
-He laughs and laughs when Adeline tells him what the duck says.
-Although I don't think he quite knows what he's saying, he constantly babbles "Mamamamamamama" especially when he's whiny and wants to be held. 
-He is so cuddly and chill and is so happy just being held.
-He sleeps well when uninterrupted by an unnamed loud 2 year old around here.
-He is teething something awful and still hasn't broken his tooth.
-He rolls around all over his play space. Over and back and over again! Sometimes I find him a few feet away from where I lay him down.

-If Philip and I mock him whining or crying, it breaks his heart and he curls his bottom lip, his eyes well up with tears, and he cries from deep within his little sweet heart.
-This boy really loves his pacifier, which I'm so okay with because around this age Addie dumped her paci and picked up a nasty thumb sucking habit that we are going round and round with today.
-Gideon is a lot better in the car than he used to be.
-He thinks Adeline's baby dolls are funny.
-He prefers to shop in his baby carrier instead of in his car seat in the shopping cart.
-His sister has threatened to breastfeed him when he's whining and I don't tend to him right away.
-He really enjoys the water and baths.
-He's still so easy going and such a sweet heart.
I know I say this all the time, but
I love this boy.
A whole super lot!
x infinity!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter I tell you! It's amazing how much personality you can see in his pictures at only 5 months!

  2. So so so cute!! I love the picture of him with the baby doll stuck next to him!

  3. he is absolutely perfect! you get some great pics (of both your kids!)

  4. Goodness, they are so adorable! Bear didn't like green beans at first either. I wonder if it's a thing with new eaters?