Monday, August 15, 2011

A Whole Half a Year!

6 months. Half a year.
That fast, huh?
Man. At this rate he'll be one, like tomorrow....
 This is a happy boy. 
and his shirt says it all. 
He loves his Mommy.
He's going through a mild seperation anxiety stage right now.
If I'm not holding him--he's [usually] fine as long as I'm not in his eye sight.
But if I'm across the room and he sees me AND I'm not holding him. --Oh that sweet little smile ain't no where on that cute little face!
Yep, I'm pretty much his favorite. (Although you couldn't tell in the above picture.)

Squiggy runs a close second though. 
It's a tie between her and Daddy.
Little Gideon:
Is in a size 9 month clothes and a size 2 diaper.
We go for his well visit in the morning so I'll edit in his stats tomorrow.
His favorite foods so far are sweet potatoes and pears.
 He is still primarily nursed, and he does love that! ;)
He loves to roll all around and has started lifting up his belly when he's on his knees.
He sits up, although he can't be trusted yet because he sometimes randomly topples over when he hears a startling noise or sees something out of the corner of his eye.
He squeals in delight when playing peek a boo.
He laughs when we tell him what the duck says.
He acts like he's shy when people look at him and smile at him.
He's well known for being a happy, sweet baby.
I don't really know why, but I usually call him Tookie.
He's a bucket of drool and teething like crazy, but still no teeth. 

He really likes to watch Veggie Tales. He has about a 10 minute attention span to that, which is longer than Addie's attention span for TV even to this day. 
He's almost always good for me in public.
He says Mama all the time! 
His sleeping is unpredictable and not on a very good schedule right now because of teething.
He has really sensitive skin.
He's looking forward to cooler weather so that we can enjoy some fall sunshine soon. 
He, unlike his daddy and sister, enjoys my singing voice. 

Every month I say "Oh this is my favorite month of age"... but 6 months is really fun! It's my new favorite. 
Only, this is about when he switches from being my newborn/infant/little baby to my big baby. 
He'll be crawling really soon. 
I'm okay if he doesn't though. I don't mind his milestones going by slowly.

Gideon Harry Kebodeaux
you have my heart, boy! 

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  1. NOw that is a beautiful baby right there! So glad I got to see his smiley face in person yesterday!

  2. Oh my, happy 6 months Gideon!
    I see a lot of YOU in photo #2! I absolutely LOVE the one of him in the Bumbo chair with his teething toys. Cutie pie!!!

  3. i have been horrible about checking blogs... isn't time just FLYING!? what a sweet little boy you have! i wish eloise said "Mama"... haha... she is still going with the BLAHBLAHBLAH. oh my and what a smile he has! happy 6 months! (a little late!)